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I love your work. How do I book you for my wedding/event/portraiture session?

To receive an official quotation, just fill out the contact form with your full name, contact details (email and phone number with country code/area code), wedding/event date, venue, and brief itinerary… and we will then respond to you within 2 working days.

Why do you require so much information?

To help us serve you better and provide you with a more accurate cost estimate, we recommend that you furnish us with as much information as you are able to.

How long before my wedding/event date should I make my bookings?

We have couples making their bookings as early as 1-2 years ahead, so we highly recommend making your bookings as early as possible to avoid disappointment as it’s on a first-come first-served basis.

When is my booking confirmed/wedding date secured?

Bookings are only confirmed upon receipt of a signed quotation (via fax/email is ok) and payment of a 50% booking deposit to secure the date. An official receipt will be issued.

We do not hold dates without the above. This is because we often receive many enquiries for the same popular dates, so to be fair to everyone, we do not accept just verbal/email confirmation.

What are your payment terms?

You can pay in cash, credit card via PayPal, telegraphic transfer, or local (Ringgit Malaysia) cheque. Do let us know your preferred mode of payment so that we can provide you with the relevant details.

Do you usually work with an assistant or alone? Who is your assistant?

To offer more comprehensive coverage from multiple angles and styles, I usually work with one assistant, who also helps me with lightings when required. However, I will usually cover each wedding as the main photographer.

I have several assistants who are also senior photographers (all of them have above 5 years shooting experience) and they are assigned on the basis of the type of wedding, location, and also availability on that day.

Do you do videography as well?

We do not do videography personally but we will refer you to one of the videographers whom we work closely with and who deliver work of an exceptional quality with professional service.

Do you provide makeup and hairstyling for wedding or portraiture photography?

We have worked closely with several talented and reliable makeup artists, each with their own unique style, and we are able to introduce them to you should you require such services.

How did you get started in photography and how long have you been photographing?

Photography has always been my passion for as long as I can remember and I’m a self-taught photographer. It started off as a hobby approximately 10 years ago when my work often brought me to interesting and new locations. I loved to photograph old buildings, street scenes, and people going about their daily lives. In short, I loved to photograph ‘life’ itself.

In 2003, I bought my first dSLR which helped fuel my passion for photography even further because it became more affordable to shoot! Initially, I started taking portraits of people as well as photographing weddings during weekends, and later, I decided to go full-time into photography, taking on assignments even during weekdays, and I also began to blog about my photography work. Subsequently, I started to take on commercial assignments for corporate, retail, and lifestyle clients as well.

Describe your style.

My style has been described as natural. Perhaps it’s because I’m a realist!

It is to bring out the natural and relaxed characteristics of a person. In wedding portraiture, I do not pose a couple to the extent of trying to turn them into something that they are not. I do not believe in stiff and unnatural posed portraits, but in capturing the expressions and emotions that come naturally as they are enjoying the special moment together during their photography session.

In wedding photography, I desire to capture the natural and unpredictable moments that happen only once in a lifetime…. i.e. the moments that once gone, can’t be replayed…. because years later, when the couple look back on their wedding photos together with their grandchildren(!), they will be able to share these special memories together. Such photos are truly a timeless treasure.

What made you decide to become a photographer?

I decided to get out of the rat race to do something I love. I decided to turn my passion for photography (which was then my hobby) into my full-time job. They say that when you love what you do, you don’t have to work a single day in your life, because no matter how tough it may be, it’s not like work to you… since you love doing it!

What kind of photography do you specialize in? What made you choose this type of photography?

Basically, I specialize in people…. I love capturing expressions, emotions, moments, and details…. so I would say, I specialize in portraiture, weddings, and commercial photography.

Shooting people is the most interesting subject because each person or couple that I’ve photographed is unique, has their own unique background, preferences, tastes, personality and character, which when captured in images, makes that image special and memorable.

What is your favorite type of photography and why?

I like documentary photography and I love pictures that tell a story.

I photograph events that happen as they are, without staging them… and unobtrusively, without ‘directing’ the course of events. Of course, if a couple has requested otherwise and are unsure of the processes, having seen so many weddings before as a photographer, I’m able to help them ‘direct’ their wedding, so to speak. This has happened quite a few times during Chinese Wedding tea ceremonies, when a couple actually turned to me and asked me what they were supposed to do next because they were unsure of the process!

What is your happiest moment?

I’m happy each time I’m photographing because I’m doing what I love!

I also love it that I can travel to different parts of the world, to see and experience different cultures, and be part of different types of wedding ceremonies. There is always something different, something new, and something interesting, with each photography assignment that I undertake.

I also love it whenever I see the joy, delight, and sometimes even tears of happiness and emotion whenever a couple or their family views their wedding photos! And I’ve even had a banquet manager during a wedding tell me that he was moved to tears when he watched my wedding photo montage slideshow during the wedding dinner because it was so beautiful and meaningful!

Any favorite quotes?

Do what you love and love what you do.

When you enjoy doing something, it doesn’t seem like work and it is not money-driven but passion-driven…. i.e. you don’t shoot to live, but rather, you live to shoot!

Any favorite photographers and why?

Steve McCurry. He documents what he sees without staging it. He shoots photographs with simplicity and style, and I love it!

Also, he shows that photography is not limited by age, despite the fact that he is already 60, he is still traveling the world and creating photos that take your breath away.

I’ve also noticed that even now, with each set of images that he produces, there is a growth and a development from previous ones. It shows that his photography is alive… it is always growing, always developing, always improving… and that is something that I constantly challenge myself to emulate.

What do you think is most important thing for a commercial photography client? A wedding client? A portraiture client?

Commercial photography is very specific, i.e. usually the individual or company hiring will have a specific set of requirements and what they wish to use the photographs for. Hence, the most important thing is that the photographer is able to understand and deliver what the client wants, according to their requirements, and their needs…. so that the client’s objectives are realized i.e. made a reality.

There are many different styles of wedding photography and each couple has their own preference. Hence, it is important to choose a wedding photographer who has your favorite style, or one who is flexible enough to be able to shoot in your favorite style! Yes, there are such talented individuals out there who are able to morph styles…. just like Mystique in the movie X-Men, they are able to switch styles, according to the client requirement. Ha ha…

Ok, seriously, I think that apart from that, reliability is important. You want a photographer who is dependable, who will be there on the most important day in your life, to photograph it, and to photograph it the way you want it to be photographed. Someone who is willing to accommodate you and who is not too calculative.

In portraiture, it’s important to communicate with the subject/subjects being photographed, understand him/her/them, and to bring out the best in him/her/them through the portraiture session…. Also, understanding their best features helps!

What is the most important thing to consider in wedding photography?

Many many years later, when the couple shows the wedding photos to their grandchildren, and remember their special day, the special moments captured still bring back all the emotions and expressions of that special day…. the smiles, the laughter, the tears of joy, the loved ones and friends that shared in that day, even the quirky little unexpected surprises that made that day special. I believe great wedding photography should reflect all that.

Why do you think a client should choose you as their photographer?

I love to deliver above expectations and I always do my best to deliver more than the client expects. It always makes me happy when I see a client happy with my work.

Why do you think a wedding couple should choose you as their wedding photographer?

Besides the fact that I understand what they are going through on their special day since I also got married, not that very long ago…. hence I can understand how important it is to them, and what is important to them for their special day. And well… same as the above answer, I love to deliver above their expectations!

What do you think is the most important criteria to consider when selecting a wedding photographer?

I believe that communication is important. Talk to your wedding photographer and if both of you click, it’s a match! Select someone whom you feel comfortable working with on the most important day in your life…. someone whose style closely matches what you want for your wedding photos. Someone who is able to understand where you are coming from and is able to deliver, besides accommodating to your needs and requirements.

What equipment do you use?

I’m using the professional range of the Nikon flagship camera with the full range of lenses, and I have several backup bodies with me whenever I shoot, so in case anything ever happens to one camera, I can still shoot with the backup.

Where are you based?

I’m a SOHO, and I operate from my home office in Kuala Lumpur. I have been asked many times before why I have not opened a studio after so many years, but basically I prefer to save on the overheads of operating a studio and offer my clients better rates from the savings.

I have also kept my operations small to try to give my clients the personal touch…. I have a personal assistant, but I usually choose to reply and talk to my clients personally where possible, and to take the time to get to know my clients to understand their needs better, in order to deliver a better result, rather than to delegate it to another person, and only hear about what the client wants on the shoot date itself.

If you are home-based, where do you usually meet clients?

For your convenience, I will usually come to your premises (if you are a commercial client) or your home (if you are a wedding client). Alternatively, we can always meet at a cafe at a location convenient to you. I have also had some clients visit me at my home!

Who are your clients?

For commercial photography, I have both corporate clients as well as lifestyle and retail clients.

For wedding photography, I’m happy to say that generally, most of my clients are those who love and appreciate good photography, and a lot of them also fall into the category of being ‘not conservative’ and are usually willing to try new things to achieve amazing results. They don’t just want another set of wedding photos just like everyone else, but they want something special and something that is uniquely ‘them’. I’ve been privileged to have had clients from all over the world, including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, UK, Australia, South Africa, Europe, and USA.

For portraiture, I’m really fortunate because a lot of my portraiture assignments are for couples who have hired me in the past for their wedding day. I get a lot of repeat customers who later hire me to photograph their birthday parties, baby full moon events, and even family and child portraiture.

I’m happy to say that a lot of my former clients have ended up becoming my friends, and a lot of them even take up photography as a hobby! In fact, two of my former clients have also become professional photographers!

What kinds of weddings do you photograph? I notice that you photograph a lot of western weddings, do you also photograph local weddings?

I have photographed Western weddings, Asian weddings including traditional Chinese weddings, Indian weddings, Punjabi weddings, and Malay weddings…. and I’ve photographed church weddings, garden weddings, and beach weddings, and am familiar with the technicalities and processes of each one of them. Where possible, I will usually recce a venue prior to a photoshoot, but whenever a recce is not possible due to venue or time constraints, experience has fortunately also enabled me to think and act fast on my feet, to achieve the desired results.

What if you are not able to shoot on a certain day that you’ve been booked for?

Where possible, by hook or by crook, if it is an event or wedding shoot, I will always be there unless, I am hospitalized or dead!

In which case, two of my assistants will be assigned to photograph your event or wedding. I’ve often heard people say that they are so busy that they wish they could clone themselves…. I strongly believe in mentoring and I’m happy to say that one of my assistants has been able to ‘clone’ my style fairly successfully! So, I’ve managed to achieve this ‘busy person’s goal’!

I also have several professional photographer friends, whose styles are similar, and who have a lot of experience in covering weddings and events, and we have an agreement to cover for each others assignments should anything ever happen to each other, so that the clients who have booked either of us, will not be left in the lurch.

I noticed you are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Are you willing to take overseas assignments too? How does this work?

Yes, I’m available for international assignments and willing to travel to shoot your wedding or event, etc. To contact me for an international assignment, just fill out the contact form at my website with your full name, contact details (address, telephone number, and email address), event/shoot dates, and requirements, and I will contact you with more details. Usually, the travel costs (inclusive of flights, ground/boat/rail/etc. transport and accommodation) for the photography team are borne by the client, unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon.

What kind of wedding albums do you offer?

I don’t do wedding albums personally but I do carry a custom-designed faux leather hard cover coffee table photo album from a particular album maker whom I find has consistently delivered exceptional quality photo albums, and whose quality-control and service level meets my requirements. These are custom-designed, printed and bound photo-albums, not stick/pasted on, or slip-in albums. Nor are they the magazine type of photo album.

Usually the photos for the album are selected by the couple according to their preferences. However, most times, most couples have difficulties selecting because they love all the photos (!) in which case, it is always possible to increase the number of pages of the photo album because it is custom made, so the album maker, can print according to your requirements. However, the albums are usually in a 12″x12″ framework for the cover because from experience, this is the best size for an album. It is not too heavy to handle, nor too long to get bent or get dog-eared over time. The pages of the album are also thick, durable, and laminated for water-resistance.

What kind of wedding slideshows do you offer?

I offer a widescreen high-definition wedding photo montage slideshow with music/song of the couple’s choice. Usually, the photos for the wedding slideshow are selected by me to provide a beautiful and memorable rendition of the couple’s wedding story.

What if you are not available on my wedding or event date?

I also have several professional photographer friends whom I’m able to introduce to you, who will be able to cover your event should I already be booked on your wedding or event date.

Do you ever sponsor photoshoots?

I usually only sponsor shoots when the purpose is for charity, i.e. the proceeds for the photoshoot goes to a recognized and valid charitable organization or purpose, and for causes which I agree with and feel strongly about, and if I’m not booked on the date of the charity event.

To be fair to all my clients, I usually do not sponsor client photoshoots.

Are you having any special promotions?

From time to time, I offer special promotions via my website or mailing lists, so do check my blog regularly for more details.


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Yinfun01/03/2013 - 10:12 am

Hi Alex,

Glad to find u! :) what are the packages do you have?

My planning:
1. R.O.M. and pre-wedding photos on the same day OR
2. 2 separate days , probably half day each

We plan to get married, register in Sept. exact date yet to confirm.

And your advice?


Matthew Sathiaraj07/07/2013 - 11:05 am

Hi Alex,

I would like to enquire your package that you can offer me on pre shoot, actual day and as well if you can recommend me on some videographer for the actual day. My preferences are locally shoot for the pre shoot around Klang Valley and nearest beach. And also at the same time would like to enquire is there any package like inclusive of gown,suit,make up and hair do? The actual day will be held in a church which will be around 4pm at Sentul and followed by a reception at 7.30pm place yet to be confirmed but tentatively will be in sivik centre in PJ.

Date : 6/7/2014 (Actual day), pre shoot will be around early next year by march

When will the pre shoot shots will be ready if we are to shoot on march?

Please advice.

Thanks and regards,

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